I cannot believe we have just launched our new website! we are unbelievably grateful for the volume of support we have received. It really is like watching our dreams become reality right before our eyes. Last night when we saw the final draft of our website we were so emotional, this feels big, this is big, this is an opportunity that I believe is even bigger than we first realised.

How the DreamCatchingDuo was born

The whole Idea of DreamCatchingDuo came about after feeling like we were a bit lost, done with our mundane jobs, we had big dreams but had no way of knowing how to reach them. Maybe we were stuck in a post travelling, real life, reality rut, and then a dear friend introduced me to the Artist way and I can safely say that book changed my life. (I will talk more about the artist way in my next blog.)

In January this year we travelled to South Africa, shortly after I had started the Artist way, and we were sitting at a beautiful beach hut in Port Elizabeth, basking in the stunning African sunset and we were playing our little ‘in an ideal world’ game, just chatting and trying to come up with a way to make our dreams reality, a way that we could do what we love and fund ourselves whilst doing so, we must have come up with 100 ideas that evening. We definitely would be known for our wild dreams and ideas, but something changed after that chat, on the drive back from the beach instead of talking ‘dream land’ we just said why don’t we buy some wooden beads, some hemp and start making bohemian wooden jewellery, what could we lose at least we could say we gave it a go , we both love wooden earthy, bohemian jewellery and find it so hard to find it anywhere in Ireland, and that’s where the first product of the DreamCatchingDuo arrived, a tiny insignificant hemp bracelet to others – the first proactive step for the DreamCatchingDuo.

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DreamCatchingDuo xx