So we have asked ourselves the question … will we coat everything in glitter and get the red and green card out?  For Christmas is fast approaching us.

And the answer we have come to is no, we are going to stick to our natural pallet, our dried leaves, our hemp and our twine.

When we created the DreamCattchingDuo we thought about how we can use this as a platform to bring people together, we can create something filled with love that will remind people every day that they are loved, that they are thought of and that they are cherished.

So why not Christmas you ask? You want to feel loved at Christmas and yes you absolutely do, but we would love to create something that doesn’t just fall into the social norm of just buying it for Christmas, that you can only take your beautiful handmade gift down out of the attic for one month of the year.

We want to create something beautiful you can have in your house every day of the year.

So yes absolutely buy the frame as a Christmas gift but why not go the extra mile and give them a beautiful handmade thoughtful gift that they can cherish everyday not just at Christmas time.

DreamCatchingDuo xx