Last year if someone told me to quit my job and follow the path my energy guides me on, I would have told them that this is something that only exists in fairy tales. Dreamland utopia kind of stuff.

Over the past year I have made a conscious decision that I would go on a quest. A quest to find my authentic self, to find my still, to try let go of negativity and learn to love and appreciate everything I have in my life now. To allow myself to stop waiting for the good I had envisioned for the future from letting me take a back seat in my own life. Everything moved very organically after I made this decision, It didn’t feel like hard work, in fact I questioned if I was even on the right path at all.

I booked in with a counsellor- No big deal. Not sure what I would get from going to him but it felt like the right decision so I went anyway. We discussed my place in the world, my place in my family, my hopes , my dreams , my worries and my fears. After 6 sessions I felt I had gained what I needed from him. Looking back at it now I can see how I freed some block in me and I can see how this helped heighten my vibration and my consciousness slightly. This was just the beginning.

I had a couple of lull weeks/months I can’t quite remember the exact time frame. Every day moving forward in the right direction but not quite realising it. Then in January last year a friend of mine introduced me to the “The Artist Way” all I did was commit to the book.

I started my morning pages. My 3 pages of brain dump. Every morning I would write my 3 pages and then go about my day. I don’t know did I see much benefit initially but I continued this daily process. Every Sunday I would complete and read my weekly tasks and set aside just one hour to do this. Gradually and again unknowingly to myself I started to question more. What is it I want? What are my dreams? What is my direction? I believe now, that again this was heightening my vibration and consciousness.

In April last year I went to see an astrologer named Joseph. I can’t say I was a sceptic nor a believer but I was open to it. Key dates and significant days that I got from my stars alignment became something I channelled my energy into. I looked forward to seeing what would occur if anything on these dates. I suppose I became open to the possibilities. The whole process gave me hope.

Gradually the idea of meditation crept in. Again none of these ideas were forced just I found myself thinking of meditation and decided to give it a go. I started practising meditation every day. At the beginning I was interested in finding the ‘still’ within that everyone was talking about. A concept that my racing head found it hard to believe could ever be gained. Again I wasn’t sure how this was benefiting me but I continued following and trusting the energy as I did with my morning pages and “Artist Way”. I started to research Inner child meditation; a meditation designed to go back to childhood and heal any wounds that we may be carrying subconsciously with us through life. Actually it was my mam who was the one to introduce me to the idea of healing my inner child. My first inner child meditation was a raw and emotional experience. I started to think there was some truth behind this. The more I practised the more I learned to find my still. I made a vow to my inner child (little Becca) that I would never neglect her again.

Somewhere along the line I started getting more creative- a weekly task from the “Artist Way” I think. Creativity was a thing I thought about often, I dreamt about a life where I was more creative but I couldn’t quite get the motivation to bring it into my everyday life. But just like that something changed. I found myself longing to get creative. Whilst I was being creative it felt very like the feeling I got whilst meditating. I started feeling urges to get outside to gather materials. Stones, leaves, branches anything I could get my hands on. I found myself out in nature more than ever before. I would go to my local park to get inspiration. A coffee in hand, music in my ears, watching the birds and getting lost in the movement of water. I was practising mindfulness without even noticing. My journey was leading me here. I started seeing beauty in everything. The world seemed to make more sense. I was reaping the rewards of being mindful.

I thought about looking into what this was all about. Without trying to hard I felt I was learning my direction in this world. My questions were being answered. It felt a little like magic. A feeling I still can’t find the Words to describe, it was like the whole universe was here to guide me. I had found and now understood the power of the universe. My energy had led me to trusting the timing and believing in me and believing in the power of the universe. I felt full, capable of anything. My hopes and dreams became something I knew I could achieve with hard work and my new found belief. I started channelling all my energy and belief into my creativity. DreamCatchingDuo became my main focus- My future was in my hands now. I talked about DreamCatchingDuo constantly and the idea of the future I could now see for it, throwing around ideas, visualising things, playing around with different crafts. Again very organically it started to take off.

I walked the Camino with my dad and my sister in August last year and when I returned it felt as if I had hit an even higher vibration. Everything I willed and dreamt off started to become my reality. I joked about quitting my job and pursuing DreamCatchingDuo full time. I let my energy guide me. I feel I shifted my values at this point. My new values were spirituality, creativity and kindness.
My retail job no longer fitted with my life values.

Fast forward to today. I quit that job that was holding me back, I let energy guide me. I work on heightening my vibration and consciousness by getting back to nature. I practise being present and trusting the universe to guide me. It all feels so organic. Even now I feel I am learning more about me, more about my purpose in life and more about the world and universe we live in. An amazing friend of mine- an old manager sent me a book for Christmas called “THE CELESTINE PROPHECY” that I have just finished and again I can feel movement, I can feel growth. Something about this book is leading me to a higher vibration, a higher consciousness. I sat in the park today overcome by the beauty all around me. I truly believe I am being ‘woke’. It’s a profound feeling that I find hard to articulate. It feels like a gentle earthquake within me something is ready to come to the surface. There is truth in this and I am starting to believe that my life mission is to share what I have learned and help others on their journey of enlightenment, trusting their energy and finding love in everything they do. From the beginning of this journey I have always said if I can do it, anyone can and that rings so clear to me right now. We all have the power to make ourselves the happiest, freest us we can be. We just have to learn to trust, let go of fear and let our higher selves guide us on this beautiful journey we call life.

Love and positive vibes,
Becca- DreamCatchingDuo xo