The Power of love, The Journey of Hope and The purity of Kindness.

DreamCatchingDuo is built on the ethos of love, Hope and kindness. Our aim is to spread love through our crafts and to spread Hope and kindness through our blogs and social media platforms, our aim is to give people the tools and knowledge to bring kindness to themselves and others.

DreamCatchingDuo are a small start-up craft company with a big heart and a big vision.

We have just started our advertising and marketing campaign, any business owners, any bloggers or mindfulness coaches etc.reading this, will know your success lies with connecting with your people, your tribe.

As DreamCatchingDuo we measure our success by the number of people we can connect to and encourage to spread, love, Hope and kindness.

We wanted to do things differently to remain authentic and true to our brand. We didn’t want to become the business that loses their ethos whilst trying to grow their brand. We are DreamCatchingDuo we are all about love, Hope and kindness and that’s how we want to be thought of, but also we are a crafting company who make personalised, thoughtful unique gifts, Crafts and services.
So we got thinking how could we grow our reach, get our name out there, Spread love, Hope and kindness but stick with our ethos & our authenticity? This is where our idea was born…

What it is we are doing!

When we make our HOPE Bears we make them with LOVE, we give 10% to charity out of LOVE and they are given as gifts with LOVE. It’s the circle of love.  We want to grow this circle. So we have decided once a month we will run a promotion. This promotion will entail putting someone you love forward to win a free personalised handmade Hope bear.
This could be for your friend who just got married with a Mr and Mrs Hope Bear, it could be for your sister who just got bad news and needs some Hope, it could be for your brother who just became a daddy, it could be for your friend who’s baby became her angel baby, it could be for your aunty who just opened her new café and needs a shop mascot. Or it could be for you because you deserve love, hope and kindness too. That’s just to name a few ideas.

The way it will work is:

• You like our page on Facebook or follow us on Instagram,
• You send us a private message with a little background of the person you are putting forward and their story.
• You pass the love on by tagging one other person in the comments. This can be the same person you’re putting forward or a completely different person if you want it to remain a surprise.

At the beginning of each month we will choose a person and their story at random, that month that lucky person will be sent their very own Hope Bear package and the cycle of love will continue.
Surprised with love, filled with Hope and thought of with kindness.
We are very excited for this journey of love, Hope and kindness to begin … will you help share in the magic?

Love, Hope & positive vibes,
DreamCatchingDuo xo