About Us



We both met working in our dream job as Visual Merchandisers in 2013… and we hit it off straight away. Pretty soon, we packed in our jobs and headed off to travel the world together. When we came home to Ireland, we felt it was time to settle down (a little) and think about our forever dream.

We both ended up in different jobs and we were really missing having creativity in our everyday life.

A very dear friend of ours introduced us to a book to unlock your creativity and spirituality… and within a couple of months, the DreamCatchingDuo was born.

We get to create unique, handmade gifts for people every day and pour our hearts into all our projects.

We’d love to create the perfect piece for you or for someone that you love, so please get in touch for a free consultation.

Here is a link to our Blog to keep up top date with DreamCatchingDuo’s adventures: DreamCatchingDup Blog

Love the DreamCatchingDuo xx