We are and were inspired by the land around us for this piece Eire’s Love , being so close to our ancient sacred site of Tara , tapping into our ancient Irish Roots , getting to know the land and what inhabitants her – like the ancient wisdom of the hawthorn tree that you can see a hand pressed branch of on this piece, noticing the ancient spirals of life everywhere we look.

Inspired by our ancient written language- Ogham. Hand painted onto unbleached raw cotton, add a sprinkle of moss , granny Mary’s wooden buttons, bamboo and some twine to add texture,

colour and earthy magic to make this whole piece, Earthy, whimsical and magic.

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Love and Positive Vibes

DreamCatchingDuo xx

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Let That Shit Go, Leave It At The River, I Am Strong, Deep Breaths, I Am Capable, I Am Supported, Breathe, I Am Being Guided, I Am Grateful, Happy Days, Trust