Touch Wood Keyrings


A sweet touch of love.
DreamCatchingDuo’s Touch Wood Keyrings are designed to take with you everywhere you go, reminding you of your own magic and authenticity, keeping you grounded and to bring the Celtic touch wood charm with you no matter where you are.

Available in 11 different styles with various messages as follows:

  • Let That Shit Go.
  • Leave It At The River.
  • I Am Strong.
  • Deep Breaths.
  • I Am Capable.
  • I Am Supported.
  • Breathe.
  • I Am Being Guided.
  • I Am Grateful.
  • Happy Days.
  • Trust.

The wood slice is hand stamped with a waterproof Indian ink that carries a hopeful, kind or loving message or affirmation. This is all Eco-friendly, the wood ethnically sourced and the stones personally collected. We ourselves live day-to-day with positive affirmations and they have changed how we live and approach each day. Browse our Gallery to view all options.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Love and Positive Vibes

DreamCatchingDuo xx


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Let That Shit Go, Leave It At The River, I Am Strong, Deep Breaths, I Am Capable, I Am Supported, Breathe, I Am Being Guided, I Am Grateful, Happy Days, Trust